Costa Rica Surf Coaching Camps

Costa Rica Adult Surf Camp Package

Surf Camp owner, Jason Senn, has travelled extensively throughout the world as both a professional and recreational surfer and he has found Costa Rica to be one of his favorite destinations. The consistent warm water surf, set in amazing tropical jungles, magical beaches along with some of the friendliest people in this world make Costa Rica a must-see location for everyone. Jason came to Costa Rica in the 90’s to study Spanish when working on his International Business Degree and he fell in love with the surf and culture. After exploring the surf extensively within Costa Rica he found the tropical beachside paradise on the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula to be the ideal place for all levels of surfers.

“In all my years of surf travel there are two places that I always return from feeling like my surfing has improved. Costa Rica and Indonesia. The variety of consistent user friendly surf makes everyones surfing get better.”  – Jason Senn

Endless Summer Surf Camp is now offering Surf Coaching Trips for small groups to Costa Rica. Although these camps are for all levels of surfers, our emphasis will be on working with Surfers who are looking to take their skills to the next level. Our Progressive Surf Coaching will be applied to all our participants. So whether you just want to catch your first wave or if you want to catch more waves and do better turns we have the coaching for you.

Surf Guide/Instruction

Camp Director Jason Senn

Jason enjoying Costa Rica

No matter what your surf level is we will have the appropriate coaching for you. Jason Senn will be the lead coach along with his trusted crew of local surf instructors, including some local pro surfers. Our Coaches will ensure you make your surf dreams come true while staying with us. If you are looking to take your first step as a surfer or wanting to take your surfing to the next level our coaches will help you reach your goals.

Instruction/Coaching Levels:

Some camps/schools love to put a number on things. Such as “I am a Level 1, 2 or 3 surfer.” We don’t believe in putting numbers on anything except how many waves or how big of a wave you caught. “Did you see that wave it was 6ft!”  Our Levels consist of taking your surfing to the next level. Our Progressive Surf Coaching methods of a coach in the water and video/surf coach on land will help you reach your goals. Our main focus is on working on and developing your surfing foundations, paddling, negotiating the waves/lineups, crowds, surf etiquette, reading the waves, catching more waves, creating your own speed on waves so you can do better turns. Most important all of this is done having fun. No pressure, no numbers, just the goal of enjoying the ocean, waves, Costa Rica, meeting new friends and getting better at surfing during the process. Don’t get us wrong as we will drill into you the basics, critique your skills, suggest equipment changes if needed, give you a set of exercises to work on to better your surfing, show you video of your great rides, of your great wipe outs. In the end you are going to leave with a new skill set and some new friends to surf with.

The Surf

The Mal Pais/Santa Teresa area is located on the tip of the Nicoya Pennisula and offers amazing surf for all levels of surfers. There are a variety of beach breaks, point breaks and reefs to choose from to surf. Depending on the swell forecast and the group’s ability we will find the best waves for you. Most surf sessions will take place within walking distance from our surf house at Playa Hermosa because this amazing wave has something for everyone. Depending on the tides and surf conditions there are several surf breaks a short drive away. We will assess the conditions each morning and look for the best surf spot each day that suites our group. Our Surf Guides know the area’s surf breaks inside and out. Their goal is to find a spot that will enable us to avoid crowded lineups and catch as many quality waves as we can.


Our new customized Surf House is located a stones throw from Playa Hermosa, one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. Casa Nalu consist of a main house, and a casita, surrounding a large pool and rancho. Houses are equipped with full kitchens, private bathrooms, AC, WiFi, Telephone, TV, and all your needs for the week. Single private rooms are available as well as double accommodations(for couples or friends) and a shared accommodations for the budget minded surfers.

Package Includes

  • Accommodations at our Surf House
  • Breakfast Daily and some dinners**
  • Local Airport Transfers*
  • Daily Guided Surf Coaching Trips to waves of your ability level
  • Video review sessions
  • Surf Stretching routines/suggested exercises
  • Surf Equipment (demo boards available)

Other Activities that can be arranged: (extra fee involved)

  • Zip Line Tour
  • SUP River Tour
  • Massage
  • Horseback Tour
  • Daily Yoga Classes

*International Airfare not included in price, Local transport is from Tambor Domestic Airport

**Some meals will be eaten out to enjoy the local cuisine that the area offers


Costa Rica Surf Camps will take place in the area of Playa Hermosa, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. The area offers perfect surf for all levels of surfers. This surf trip is set up to be a cultural surf experience, combining surfing with local tours and local food. These camps are open to all levels of surfers. If you have your own equipment we suggest bringing it along. If not we will try to accommodate you. These trips are limited to small groups of 4-8 participants. You are welcome to put together your own groups or customized packages. Family’s are welcome. Space is limited. All participants must have valid passport and purchase travel insurance. All rooms have safes to lock valuables in. Participants are responsible for their own possessions. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime….

2022 Costa Rica Adult Surf Camp Dates  Single  Shared
01/ November 07 – 13 $2925 $1995
02/ November  14 – 20 $2925 $1995
03/ November 28 – December 4 $2925 $1995
04/ December 05 -11 $2925 $1995

* Costa Rica Surf Camps are for ages 21 and over. Airfare not included. Lunches and some dinners are not included in the adult package. We need a minimum of 4 surfers for a session to run. If minimum number of campers is not met 14 days prior to surf camp start date, camp will be cancelled and you will receive a full refund. Endless Summer is not responsible for any inconvenience, or the cost of travel if camp is cancelled due to not meeting minimum requirement. Contact us for more information or to book a camp.

Surf Camp Information (FAQ’s)

Itinerary: Day 1-2

Upon arrival in Tambor our shuttle will take you straight to our surf house. Upon arrival you will settle into your accommodations and we will discuss the surf forecast and our schedule for the week. Our first morning will start with a light breakfast followed by a surf session in front of the house with our local instructors. We will return to the house for a big typical Costa Rican breakfast. Each day will be capped off with a hearty meal after an amazing Costa Rican Sunset. Some meals will be prepared and eaten at home and some nights we will choose to eat out in town to enjoy some of the amazing local area cuisine.

Itinerary Day 3-6

After our morning surf session we will head out on an adventure for the day, if you choose. It could be a scenic drive to an untouched beach, a waterfall tour, horseback ride, or we might choose to fly thru the jungle on a zipline tour.  Day 7 will be the last day for our weeklong participants and they will pack up and get ready for their journey back home.  

Can I bring my own equipment?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own equipment if you have it in fact we recommend it, especially for those Intermediate/Advanced campers. For those who need equipment we do provide beginner surfboards. We have a quiver of beginner surf boards, if ride a short board and wish to rent one locally we can try to find one for you. We do have a very small selection of short boards on hand. But best to bring your own.

How many campers will there be?

We are only offering this unique Cultural Surf Camp experience to a select group of male and female campers. So if you are interested sign up as soon as possible. We will cater to personalized groups of 4 – 8 surfers. This enables us to offer you a unique Cultural Costa Rican Experience mixing in surfing with tours of the local area mingling with the amazing “Tico’s” or Costa Rican’s and their amazing local cultural attractions.

Where will we stay?

We will be staying Jason’s Surf House. Casa Nalu(Surf) consist of a large main 4 bedroom house, and a Casita(small house) with a loft surrounding a pool. Houses have AC, Fans, Full kitchens, Private bathrooms, WiFi and TV. The Surf House is within walking distance to the beach.

What are the ages are of your campers?

This Surf Camp is geared for Adult surfers of all ages, looking to improve their skills. The age range for Costa Rica will be 18 years of age and over. This camp can also be booked as a family week if adults wish to bring minors or family along for a customized surf camp.

What is the typical daily amount of time spent surfing?

This depends upon the group and their stamina as well as ability level. We will surf every morning until our arms give out and we get tired. Then depending on the group and our schedule we will have an afternoon or sunset surf again.

What kind of supervision is there?

Camp Owner Jason Senn will be your host and ambassador of Pura Vida for the week. He along with the Endless Summer Surf Camp local crew will be coordinating the Costa Rica Surf Camps to make your trip a memorable experience. Campers will be fully supervised 24 hours a day while they are with us. Jason has been living off and on in Costa Rica for the past 20 years. He and his crew have vast knowledge of the local culture and area.

What airport is best to fly into, and do you provide a shuttle service?

The best airport to fly into is Juan Santa Maria International Airport in San Jose (SJO) airport. The quickest way to our location is to take the small domestic airline to Tambor Airport. Airport Transfers from Tambor are included in the price of camp for appropriate arrival and departure times. If you choose to travel from San Jose to Malpais taking the land route the approximate travel time is 5 hours. Please contact us prior to booking any flights to ensure appropriate arrival/departure times. 

What type of food is available, whats included?

Most your meals are included in our surf camp package. We will try to meet all your dietary needs. A typical day will include a quick continental breakfast prior to our surf session. Followed by and after surf hearty breakfast, brunch or lunch depending on how long we surfed. Local typical breakfast consist of eggs, gallo pinto(rice and beans) fresh fruit, tortillas and bread.  Dinners will be mixed between cooking at the main house and eating out at local eatery’s. NO surfer will go hungry. Snacks and alcoholic drinks are not included so bring some extra spending money to pick up some local snacks at the store.

Surf camps start on Monday’s, when and what time do I need to be there?

Surf camp sessions begin on Monday’s with everyone arriving in Costa Rica. Arrivals should be the Sunday before surf camp starts. Please contact us for arrival times.

What should we bring?


Rashgaurd (wetsuit top if you get cold easy)



Beach towel

Surfboard (if you have your own)


Old Shoes for Hiking (Muddy and wet tracks)

Camera (You will want to capture as much of the beautiful island as you can)

If you bring a GoPro please have floaty accessories

Spending money for outside activities, souvenirs, etc.

A detailed packing list and other information will be sent out after you sign up.

What is there to do after we are done surfing? What is there to do at night?

After a long day of surfing we might head back to our surf house to relax, hydrate and eat some snacks. Or we might take in lunch at a local eatery and pick an local adventure for the day. This could be a scenic trip down to the local fishing village to grab a fresh fish for lunch. Or we take in a tour of a local water fall and swimming hole to cool off . What you will get with is is a taste of Pura Vida. We want you to be exposed to as much of the local culture as possible, eating at local eateries, conversing with the locals, visiting local stores off the beaten path, forcing you to practice the conversational  Spanish that we plan to teach you every evening.
Pura Vida

Endless summer surf camp’s crew has been fluctuating between Pura Vida and Aloha lifestyles for over two decades now. There is a reason we resinate towards this culture.  The rhythm of life in Costa Rica is a steady tone of happiness and health. The Nicoya Peninnsula has some of the healthiest longest living people in the world. We attribute this to the pace(rhythm) of life there. For us the rhythm of life in Costa Rica evolves around the sunrise, and early surf, an healthy meal, fun interaction with the locals, followed by a sunset surf. Every day Pura Vida…