Surf Camp NSSA Champ

Nolan Senn

In Recent surf camp news. Nolan Senn, 14 yrs old and son of surf camp owner Jason Senn, won the 14 and Under Explorer NSSA Regional Surfing Title in Hawaii over spring break. Nolan, who learned to surf at surf camp and spends his summers there in California, resides on the North Shore of Oahu the rest of the year. Nolan also finished 5th in the Open Division. He is the defending Under 14 Hawaii State Champion and is looking to qualify for the USA Surfing Championships this coming June.

Nolan is currently sponsored by Quiksilver and Crispy Grinds. Follow him on IG @nolan.senn and keep an eye out for him at surf camp this summer.


A new film honoring North Shore legend Eddie Aikau.
Video: Taublieb Films | Sam George

Using a combination of archival footage, family photos, first-person accounts, and re-enacted scenes, Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau provides a thorough account of the life of one of Hawaii’s greatest waterman. As each person in the film gives his or her recollections of Eddie, a clearer picture of his humility and courage emerges.

For more on the film Check out Hero’s Journey on Surfline for a in depth review of the film by Christiam Beamish

Dreaming of an Endless Summer

Surf camp is over but the Senn boys are still dreaming of an Endless Summer

Quiksilver Indo Initiates Blood Donation Program

Quiksilver Indo employees help Red Cross blood supply

BY: Quiksilver, 26 September, 2013 :

Bali, Indonesia – PT Quiksilver Indonesia has conducted a blood donation program recently in order to help out the local community.

The campaign titled “Setetes Darah Selamatkan Sesama” or “A Drop of Blood to Save Others” will become an annual occurrence.

With a two-week preparation required more than 50 employees saddled up to donate blood for the cause. The purpose of the Blood Donor Program is to help increase the blood supply at the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), which in time will be contributed to those in need.

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final camp

SAN CLEMETE, California – September 25, 2013 Endless Summer Surf Camp just finished their last camp of the 2013 summer season at San Onofre State Park Campground, in San Clemente, California.

Starting the first week of June and running through the second week of September, Endless Summer Surf Camp hosts a weekly 5 day overnight surf camp session that runs Monday through Friday. The overnight camp includes accommodations, all meals, drinks and snacks, 24 hour supervision, and all your surfing equipment as well as surf instruction.

Campers learn all the basics of surfing including paddling the board, catching waves, standing up on the board, wave selection, turning techniques and surf etiquette. Continue Reading

Go Pro Shots from our Last Session of the Summer

We had another awesome summer at Endless Summer Surf Camp and made great memories with all of our  friends, new and old. Check out the Go Pro Shots from our Last session of the summer. We captured Ron showing fine form on the waves, Rafael, our instructor showing an off the top…

Hurley Pro 2013 is Two Days Away!

The best surfers in the world are all gearing up to take on the legendary Lower Trestles. Tune in this Sunday, September 15th to start watching all the action unfold on the live broadcast at one of the most high-performance waves on the planet.

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Surfing Legend Tom Curren

surfings legends

In the 70’s and early 80’s Australia ruled the world of competitive surfing. America’s last surfing hero was Rolf Aurness, the 1970 world champion, who seamed to fall off of the face the earth when he dropped out of competitive surfing altogether. Aussie legends like Michael Peterson, PT, Rabbit, Cheyne and MR ruled the sport while Americans quietly watched from the sideline. That is until 1982 when Thomas Roland Curren the unassuming introvert from Santa Barbara, California appeared on the stage and single-handedly forced Australia into the back seat.

Tom Curren quickly became one of the most famous surfers in the world, a title that he would hold for nearly two decades. Born on July 3, 1964 to mother Jeanine and father Pat Curren (legendary big wave rider and surf board shaper) Tom began surfing almost as soon as he could walk. By the time Tom became a teenager his depth of wave knowledge and how to ride them was next to legendary. In the perfectly shaped point breaks around Curren’s home in Santa Barbara, Tom developed a smooth competitive style that would forever change the world of surfing.

An early 80’s California surf film, Off the Wall 2 was the first to show Curren ripping apart his native Rincon and Sandspit, quickly setting him up to tackle the big leagues. As a two-time West Coast, United States amateur champion, Tom didn’t have the need to outsmart his competitors because he could simply just out surf them. In 1983 Tom entered the pro ranks even though he was still just a gangly teenager. Continue Reading

Session # 14 Picts Are Up

Gallery Photos

The September sessions are always so much fun. What a great way to end the summer in the waves with friends. The Session # 14′s images are up on our gallery. Check them out…

Great Week of Surf & Fun!

We have had another fun week of surf and fun. The September sessions area always an awesome time. Thank you to the great group to share the waves with. — at San Onofre State Beach trail 4.

Surf Camp is for Everyone

Waves and Surf

Another great photo from our day at adult week yesterday. It is always so much fun when the family comes for a visit. Kendra Senn enjoying a ride. Check out more great photos from Surf Camp at

good waves

AHHHH the September Sessions! Good waves and good times are on. Check out more great photos from Surf Camp at

Happy Labor Day From Surf Camp

At the Beach

Happy Labor Day everyone! We will be working down at surf camp, if you want to call it work. Our annual September Sessions Start Today….. 2 weeks of surf camp left!

Inside the Monster

Inside the Monster, by Gilles Hucault and Julien Marckt, takes a particularly interesting look at one of this planets most powerful and surreal waves.  This short 25 minute film was chosen by Vimeo  as their Staff Pick of a the Week. Particularly interesting is the insight the film brings us from Teahupoo…

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Surf report

Surf Camp Surf Report

Surf camp surf report:) After a long flat spell we finally have some swell. Fun sized 2-3 ft sets rolling in. Classic San O’ Style! For more great images and updates, follow Endless Summer Surf Camp on Instagram Today!

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Girls Winners

Girls Short Board Final

There is nothing like a fun surf contest with friends at the end of a great week at surf camp. This picture is from the girls short board final at our end of week surf contest. Congrats Kai on the win:) Check out more photos! Follow Endless Summer Surf Camp on Instagram…

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Friday Contest

Friday Surf Contest Is On At Surf Camp

Friday surf contest is on at Endless Summer Surf Camp. Follow Endless Summer Surf Camp on Instagram Today!

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end of summer camp deals

Still Thinking about coming to surf camp? Check out our Specials and sign up today.


Surf Camp Specials

surf travelFor those feeling like you need a last minute trip this summer. Now is the time. We have 3 sessions of surf camp left and we want to surf with you. So much so that we are putting up some unbeatable deals. Our last week of all age camps(Aug 26-30) is being offered for as low as $295. Our ever popular September Adult Sessions are filling up but we are offering some specials to those of you on this mailing list as well. Don’t miss the fun. Contact our office for details.

Contact us here!

Free Hurley Water Bottle

hurley-water-bottleSign up for any of our remaining surf camp packages and get a free Hurley Water Bottle. Not only will you help save our planet but you will also get to surf with us at one of our 3 remaining sessions of camp. Limited supplies available. Don’t hesitate good waves and good times are awaiting….

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Surf Lessons

Waiting Out the High Tide

Sometimes when the waves get small  you have to wait out the high tide for the waves to get ride able again. This is a time to sit back, relax and reflect upon your day. Lots of boards on the beach. Nobody in the water.

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Adrian Buchan (AUS) defeated Kelly Slater (USA) to be crowned the 2013 Billabong Pro Champion as Kelly takes the ratings lead after Teahupo’o Event. Adrian Buchan has claimed the 2013 Billabong Pro Tahiti over 11-time ASP World Champion and four-time Billabong Pro winner Kelly Slater in solid four-to-six foot waves at Teahupo’o….

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Learn to Surf

We just finished our 10th session of surf camp this summer. We have got another great set of images from our Session #10 Camp at Endless Summer Surf Camp. Check them out.

Order Photos Online!

Endless Summer Surf Instructors, Jason and Manuel, along with 3 members of the USA Surf Team gave Jenna a surf lesson recently. Jenna who has been battling cancer since the age of 2 always dreamed of coming to California. With the help of the Marty Lyons Foundation, Surfing America, and Endless Summer…

Surf Camp Photos

We have got another great set of images from our Session #9 Camp at Endless Summer Surf Camp. Check them out. What another awesome set of campers, waves and a great time.

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Rest In Peace: Shaper Al Byrne

rest in peace

Master shaper critically injured in Bali motorbike accident

Surfing’s legendary 8 time national champion, surfboard shaper and inventor of the six-channel designs passed away yesterday after complications that arose from a motorcycle accident in Bali this week.

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 8 August, 2013 : – – Al Byrne, legendary surfer and shaper famous for his six-channel designs, died in a hospital in Bali after suffering a motorbike accident near Jimbaran last Friday night.

According to the Byrning Spears website Al was admitted with a broken arm, but then suffered other complications which led to him slipping into a coma. “He fought this for over five days,” according to the website. ” But tragically today he lost that fight and tragically and so sadly he passed away.”

His wife of 30 years Jayne, sons Michael, Jamie and Matt and youngest brother Ian were at his bedside.

The fit 62-year-old had survived horrorible wipe-outs, heart surgery and being accidentally run over by his wife in their driveway. Continue Reading

President Obama Cruises Over Surf Camp

President Surfs

Look who we captured flying overhead on photo day at surf camp! President Obama was visiting Camp Pendleton today and took a flight path right over surf camp so he could do a surf check. Next time he should stop for some surf lessons.

surf camp evenings

Songs Around the Campfire

Sometimes the power goes out for a reason at surf camp. Last night Surf camper R. Trey started entertaining us at the campfire with some good ol’ campfire songs.

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Surf Camp Photos on Instagram

Follow Endless Summer Surf Camp on Instagram. Check the latest photos from Camp the moment that they go live! #endlesssummersurfcamp

Endless Summer Surf Camp on Instagram

Western Surfing Association

Day at WSA , Trail 6 Surf Contest

Day at Western Surfing Association , Trail 6 surf contest. Luca Aza and Zack Kaplan represent. Zach got 6th place in open men’s final.

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SOURCE: Surfers Village New film stars a few Latina female surfers plus one Kiwi. SoCal-based Venezuelan filmmaker, Marina Zawisza, has spent over three years collecting footage of some of the most talented female surfers. The film, ‘3 Killas y Un Kiwi,’ will debut just in time for the Ford Supergirl Pro presented…

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End of Summer

We have got another set of great images from our biggest group at Endless Summer Surf Camp for the summer last week. Check them out. Good Waves & Good Times.
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Last Sunday in Huntington Beach California Brazillian Surfer Alejo Muniz went head to head with Southern California local   Kolohe Andino in the final round of the Van’s US OPEN of Surfing.  It was a close contest but with a series of frontside turns Alejo was able to secure the win in peaky 1-3…

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Vote for the 2013 Hurley Pro Video Trials

Hurley Pro Surfing


COSTA MESA, California. — July 29, 2013 – Today Hurley will open the Hurley Pro Video Trials to the public, allowing fans to choose a wildcard surfer for the ASP World Tour event at Lower Trestles September 15-21, 2013.

The video contest will select the second of two wildcard competitors slotted for the event. The first wildcard was decided last week at the Hurley Pro Trials held at Trail 6 near San Onofre. In-form Australian Mitch Crews upset a stacked local crew for the coveted spot in fun, head-high surf.

The Top 16 contenders of the video trials were chosen from a pool of over 100 of America’s best surfers; from there, they were placed into man-on-man brackets by a judging panel including Pat O’Connell, Rob Machado and Bob Hurley.

“This whole process has been refreshing and fun,” said Hurley VP Sports Marketing Pat O’Connell. “Whoever the public chooses this week, it will be a very worthy wildcard.”

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The Southern California coast hosts some of the most spectacular sunsets in the world. As the sun drops over the Pacific Ocean we are always reminded at surf camp of the great day we had and the great days that have yet to come.  Enjoying these nightly sunsets is a great way to end the day – surf camp style.

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Surf Camp Breakfast

Meal time is always a blast at surf camp. Breakfast is always an important meal because this is where most of the campers draw most of their energy from in the morning surf sessions and lessons. Captured in this timeless image is one of the camp leaders flipping a plethora of flap-jacks…

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VANS US OPEN Live Webcast Watch Now

Watch Live Webcast

Vans gears up for its debut as host of the Vans US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, California, July 20-28, 2013 CLICK HERE

Live Webcast

As of Monday July 22nd, you can tune in to the live webcast of the Vans US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach at Catch the biggest names in surfing, skateboarding and BMX as they compete in the largest stadium venues on both water and sand! Watch all the live music that will go down on the House of Vans music stage!

Down Time

Euro Team Eating American Style Grinds!

Euro team eating American style burgers at Endless Summer Surf Camp. Follow us on

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Surf Camp Photos

We had another great session at our surf camp this week with some great photos of the campers on the waves. The Session # 7’s images are up on our gallery. Check them out…

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Waves Today

There are some fun medium size waves that are starting to fill in this Friday afternoon and should continue through the weekend.

The Forecast is calling for a new, long period SSW swell that should build throughout the day with a smaller NW windswell that will be mixed in giving some fun peaks and Southern California beaches.

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Tom Curren is one of the most graceful and all around stylish surfers ever to enter a line up. Throughout his professional surfing career in the eighties he won three world titles and over 33 championships.  Curren has achieved near-mythical status both for his competitive drive and for his smooth, powerful surfing…

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Surf Camp Meals

Hawaiian BBQ night at #endlesssummersurfcamp. New master chef behind the grill. Mahalo Ben Follow us on

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Beginer Surfing

New surfboards arrived yesterday Endless Summer Surf Camp. We are very stoked to break these boards in! Follow us on

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Hot Doggin

Alek Rockrise, is one of our instructors at Endless Summer Surf Camp showing some style between surf lessons. Follow us on

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Surf Camp Video

Another great video that was taken from our Southern California, Surf Camp. The video was filmed and edited by Hurley staff digital photographer/videographer legend Peter King. Thanks PK and Thanks to all the campers who attended that week. For more videos check out The Endless Summer Surf Camp Videos

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GoPro Shot of the Week at Surf Camp


We are always getting some great photos from our surf camp. This is our GoPro Shot of the Week at Surf Camp. Check out the Gallery to see more action….

Another Great Surf Camp Group Shot!

We are so stocked to have another Great Group at Endless Summer Surf Camp. If you want to order this picture and others the Session #6 Gallery is up. Check out the Images.

Surf Camp Video Summer 2012

The above video was taken at our Southern California, Surf Camp. The video was filmed and edited by Hurley staff digital photographer/videographer legend Peter King. Thanks PK and Thanks to all the campers who attended that week. For more videos check out The Endless Summer Surf Camp Videos

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Group Fun

Surf Camp Choir Having Fun

Surf camp choir. Still trying to figure out what they were singing. Follow us on

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Learning Surfing Boards

New Addition to our Quiver of Surfboards

New addition to our quiver of surfboards at Endless Summer Surf Camp Follow us on

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Fireworks on the Water


This is a photo from the Surf Camp Gallery from Session 5 Last week. Fireworks were going off in the water!!!!!! Check out More Photos…

Happy Fourth of July

Happy 4th of July from all of us at Endless Summer Surf Camp. We had a great time with the group and some fun waves also. Instructor, Manuel representing in his Stars and Stripes Wetsuit.

Pure Stoke!

surf camp photo

This was the Photo Day at Surf Camp. Smile and enjoy the ride. You could land the photo of the week…..

Surf Camp Meals

Taco Tuesday at Surf Camp San Onofre

Taco Tuesday, excellent grinds with all the campers at Endless Summer Surf Camp in San Onofre State Park, Southern California. Follow us on

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surfing picture

Surf Camp Photo of the Week

This was our Endless Summer Surf Camp Photo of the Week from this weeks session at surf camp. Look for the entire gallery to be posted later today!

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Surf Camp Sunset Around the Campfire

Fire & s’mores Surf Camp sunsets around the camp fire are always a great way to relax and wind down after a full day of surfing. Follow us on

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