June 13th, 2021

2021 Surf Camps are ON!

We are super excited to be able to surf with everyone again. Our first session of surf camp just wrapped up last week with 20+ adult surfers joining us for good times and good waves. We have many more sessions running this summer however most all of them are sold out at the moment. With only mid to end of August sessions having room. Much of this is due to our new Covid Protocols of taking less number of campers. We are also requiring proof of a negative Covid test prior to camp, or proof of vaccination. The same good times and good waves will be there as always however we are changing some of our daily routines, such as meal service, snacks, and field trips to town. All in all we are just stoked to see everyone surfing again. The smiles on the faces of our campers this past week where huge and we know how much it means to be outdoors surfing with friends again. Looking forward to surfing with all our surf camp friends this summer.

April 28th, 2021

We have officially been given the Green Light to run surf camps summer 2021.

Surf camp 2021 will be taking place from June – September 2021. Priority registration was given to those who kept credits from our 2020 Summer Camp’s that we couldn’t run.  Many of our weeks are already full. With Covid restrictions in place we are only taking a limited number of overnight and day surf campers. NO campers will share tents unless they are family or household members. A negative Covid test prior to camp will be required in order to attend this summer. Campers with any sort of possible Covid symptoms or having been exposed to anyone with Covid will not be allowed to attend(refunds or credits will be given). Everyone will do their part to create a safe camp environment. This means social distancing, mask to be worn at proper times, and proper hygiene at all times. It took us over a year to get our permits approved to run camps again and we just wanbt to surf with our surf camp family again. Please help us run a Safe and Fun Surf Camp summer 2021.

January 30, 2021

Spring Costa Rica Trips

Yes times have been a bit difficult lately for all of us. However, we continue to surf on. Nothing better for our health than getting outdoors and enjoying the surf. Camp Director Jason Senn and his family just returned for a 2 month trip to Casa Nalu(their surf house) in Costa Rica. It was an amazing stay, lots of healthy like minded people safely traveling and enjoying the surf, beaches and culture of Costa Rica. Costa Rica has taken a strict approach to handling Covid 19 and in turn their borders have been open to tourism. On that note we have had some request for Costa Rica Trips. Therefore we have added some Spring time dates for Teenagers and Adults. We are only taking Intermediate and Advanced surfers for these trips and the emphasis will be on Surf Coaching. Improving your surfing skills. Check out our dates and prices here. Let us know if you have any questions. See you in the water.

December 29th, 2020

Summer 2021 Surf Camp is On!

We are taking Sign ups for our summer 2021 Surf Camp Season. After taking a summer off due to the unprecedented Covid – 19 pandemic we plan to surf again this summer. NO, Covid didn’t keep us from surfing this past summer. We would like to thank those of you who came out and took surf lessons with us this past summer 2020. However, we didn’t run our summer surf camps and we missed it as much as you did. This summer 2021 we plan to run our surf camps however we will make some slight modifications to accommodate what has become the new norm. What does that mean? That means everything at camp will be the same(well almost) except we will have less spots available at camp and run with some new health protocols. Smaller group sizes, enhanced health protocols/cleaning and hygiene will be in full effect this coming summer 2021. As will Good Times and Good Waves!

We continue to carefully monitor Covid 19 and the with the guidance of the State of California, working closely with California State Park officials, and American Camp Association, who is communicating with the CDC, to assure we are following or exceeding Covid -19 health and safety mandates and taking actions that will ensure the safety of our campers and staff. If for any reason we can’t run camps this summer due to Covid -19 we have adjusted our refund policies to offer a Peace of Mind Policy.

July 11, 2020

Surf Camp Cancelled for Summer 2020:

Thank you for your patience in regards to the opening of our summer surf camps. We have been closely monitoring Covid -19, both locally and nationally, including Governor Newsom’s Process to Reopen California. In our 28 years of running summer surf camps our mission has always been to provide enriching, cultural and educational surf experiences for all of our campers in a safe environment. We have realized that with the current Covid Guidelines in place for summer camps that we will not be able to provide the same surf camp experience we have done for the past 28 summers. The entire surf camp experience for each and every one of our participants is very meaningful to us. The friendships made, the lessons learned, and the lasting memories of a summer surfing with the Endless Summer Crew. 

So after much deliberation and consideration of the current reopening guidelines from the state of California and San Diego County, which currently do not allow for overnight camps to commence, we have made the decision to cancel the remaining weeks of surf camp this year. This has been a tough decision, as we know how much camp means to everyone, especially this year I am sure everyone is itching to get outside and have some fun. However, rather than continue to keep our camp families and staff waiting in regards to the status of camp opening, we have made this proactive decision so that you can have time to make other plans this summer. 

If you are enrolled in any of our remaining surf camps we will be offering some options, including incentives to rebook for 2021. Please let us know your choice of the below options.

  1. Keep a Credit for Priority booking of a Summer 2021 Surf Camp Session (first choice of dates, at 2020 prices)
  2. Use credit for Surf Lessons or drop in Surf Day
  3. Full Refund if you choose not to come or rebook*

Surf Lessons:

Some good news!  Sorry that we had to cancel our summer camps however Endless Summer has been approved to provide Surf Lessons from the State Parks of California. We plan to focus this summer on Surf Lessons (both private & group lessons and surf days) and Surf Coaching. Our surf instructors, Rusty, Alek, Lara and Jason are available and have been giving lessons weekly. If you would like to book a Private or Group Surf Lesson contact us and we put you on the schedule. 

*Our credit card processors charge us a 5% fee per transaction. This is a difficult expense on us seeing that we might have negative income this season if we are not able to run camps. On that note keep us in mind if you could choose to rebook or keep a credit for 2021 that would be appreciated. 


June 14th, 2020

We thank you for bearing with us during these challenging times. At this time we are still awaiting final approval to potentially re open surf camp for summer 2020. While there’s new Covid Re opening guidelines being put out for many business’s they still have not released Opening Guidelines for Resident/Overnight Summer Camps. When they do release Re Opening Guidelines for Overnight Camps we will then make the decision when and if we will open this summer. 

At this time we regretfully have to cancel our Sessions # 5 – 7. (June 29th– July 20th).  As we await further guidance from the State of California. Our Sessions #1 – 4 have already been canceled this summer. If you are signed up for Surf Camp Sessions # 5 – 7 we will contact you this week regarding rebooking or refunding your surf camp.

As more and more business’s open up we are hoping to salvage part of our summer season if we can. This week we submitted our plan for re opening surf camp to the California State Parks (for the 2ndtime). As we anticipate a response soon we do recognize that the new guidelines that will be required might make it difficult to achieve the same surf camp experience we have provided for the past 27 years. So at that time we will make the decision if we will open this summer at all. 

Please stay in touch and let us know if you have any questions.

See you in the water soon,

Jason Senn, 

Endless Summer Surf Camp


June 7th, 2020

Thanks for your continued patience regarding the official opening date of surf camp this summer. There was some encouraging news this week regarding the possibility of surf camp opening with California releasing updated guidance towards Day Summer Camps opening in certain County’s. As the State of California moves into different phase’s of re-opening, we all move closer to surfing together this summer. With Day Summer Camps being given the green light to open with new guidelines in place we are hoping that Overnight Surf Camps will follow shortly. With the restrictions that are in place in this phase of reopening we feel that we will need to wait a little longer before officially running camps this summer. The distancing guidelines, and other requirements at this time make it very difficult to offer the unique and memorable summer camp experience that we provide each summer. As well, the State Parks of California at the time has not given us approval to begin operating surf camps at our permitted location.

The good news is that more businesses are opening every week. The State of California is working hard to open the State in a safe manner. Things seem to be moving in a fast fluid pace towards reopening and we are keeping a positive outlook towards offering our summer surf camps in the coming months. However, at this time our Potential opening date is still June 29th. There is a good chance that could be extended into July if not August. Stay tuned, as we will release some news this coming week.

If you have any questions feel free to call or e-mail the office.  

See you in the water,

Jason Senn

Camp Director


May 18, 2020

Your patience is appreciated as we navigate the realities of COVID-19 and how it relates to running Surf Camp this year.   

We have been watching the Covid – 19 like we watch for the next swell coming. Unfortunately, it is much easier to predict how the waves will be than when this wave of the virus will end. Based on what information we have gathered at this time we are planning to put off our potential start date of surf camp to June 29th, 2020.

If you are enrolled in any of our first 4 Sessions of surf camp in June, which has been canceled, we will be offering some options, including incentives to rebook to a new date. We are in the process of contacting all the campers that this will affect to assist in making a decision.

We will continue to monitor the ever-changing Covid -19 that is affecting all of us. Endless Summer Surf Camp is in its 28thyear of offering meaningful and soulful surf camp experiences for our campers and staff. We have had to deal with bad weather, big surf, and other factors however never anything such as this. As the climate around the Corona Virus Changes day to day we will continue to monitor and make decisions based upon the health and safety of our surf camper’s. Endless Summer will carefully monitor COVID-19 and the status of Gov. Newsom’s guidance on the State of California, and work closely with California State Park officials, and other relative agency’s to assure we are following or exceeding COVID-19 health and safety mandates and taking actions that will ensure the safety of our campers, staff and community.

At this time we have a proposed new start date for surf camp of June 29th

The current scenarios to run this surf camp this summer are.

  • Camp operates for a Partial summer– When we get the approval from the proper agencies to be able to commence surf camp to run this summer we will post our dates. Campers registered in cancelled sessions will be given the opportunity to reschedule to one of these sessions. 
  • Modified Operations of Surf Camp– When camp does commence to operate we will do so with lower overall group sizes to respect new guidelines. 
  • Worst Case scenario is camp is closed for summer 2020– We are working closely with the California State Parks, following guidelines of the CDC for summer camps along with other agency’s to make a final decision. If we do cancel families will be given options to move forward.

Thanks for your patience. We will continue to keep everyone updated the decisions affecting our pending summer surf camp plans. 


May 5,2020

Endless Summer Surf Camp, as always, is committed to the safety and well-being of all our surf campers, guests and staff. The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty in the world, but rest assured our team here at Surf Camp is working hard to update our campers and parents, improve our processes and make the best of this situation. Here are the latest developments:

  • We are following the guidance of the CDC, California State Government, and the American Camping Association. In regards to making an official decision of our opening date of surf camp season. We Hope to have a firm answer by May 15th, 2020 as to our official start date of camp.
  • Summer Surf Camp Registration is still open, as we are hopeful that we can run surf camp as normal, providing surfing and camp memories to last a lifetime. We are relaxing our camp cancellation policy to accommodate any changes we might occur this summer season.
  • Surf Camp will operate a slight bit different this summer, however we are working hard to prepare for anything and everything. As surfers we are accustomed to working around challenging surf conditions, making adjustments on the fly to keep our campers safe and comfortable. We plan to do the same to accommodate our surf campers this summer adjusting to our current environment.
  • We have thoroughly reviewed and updated our cleaning and disinfecting procedures to ensure the safety of all camp guests. This includes increased camp cleanings, hand washing stations to emphasize good hygiene. 
  • We have added a FAQ page to our web site to address some questions that parents and campers might have regarding our 2020 summer camp season. Please take a look thru it and if you have any further questions feel free to reach out to us. 
  • We will update this page as needed, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at 949-498-7862 or e-mail us:
  • Stay safe, stay healthy and we can’t wait to surf with you all soon.