COVID 19 Surf Camp FAQ

Are you still running summer programs?

We are still hoping on running our surf camps this summer. We will continue to actively monitor the COVID-19 virus and work with the California State Parks, CDC, American Camping Association and other partners to determine any changes to our summer programs. There is still a chance that summer plans my change, we might have a later start to the season, and run deeper into fall. At the moment we are waiting for our RE Opening plan to be approved by the State of California. We have canceled our camps up until July 20th. Hoping by that time we will e able to run surf camps this summer. Keep in mind that with the required Social Distancing Guidelines being put into place it might be difficult to provide the same meaningful surf camp experience we did in the past. With this in mind we plan to make a decision about summer 2020 in the coming weeks.

I am a currently enrolled in a surf camp session. What is your current cancellation and refund policy?

We have altered our refund and cancellation policy in light of the current COVID-19 situation. We want to provide our Surf Camp families additional financial peace of mind when it comes to our summer programs. In short, we are offering a few options regarding our current Cancellation Policy:
• Roll over registration to summer 2021 (or to a later week in summer 2020 once we have our official start dates posted)
• Refund minus $100 admin fee that can be kept as a credit for a 2021 surf camp package.
• Full refund minus a 5% processing fee(fees from our Credit card merchant services provider)

I am considering Signing up for surf camp What is your cancellation and refund policy?

At Endless Summer we realize that the current COVID-19 situation creates issues around summer planning, so we are adding some flexibility to our cancellation policy so you can complete your application and enroll with confidence.
Cancellation Policy:
1. Until our official camp start date: Receive a full refund minus processing fees; or option to defer enrollment to 2021 with no penalty,
2. Or rollover to 2021 at any time (see info above).

What is Surf Camp doing to address the coronavirus situation?

The safety and security of our students, staff, and crew is our number one priority. Every single decision we make is viewed through the lens of putting our Surf Camp family first.
We have created an internal task force to monitor the COVID-19 situation. Daily meetings are being held to assess the situation. Our goal is make decisions based on the safety of our campers and staff. During this time of uncertainty, we want to provide enhanced flexibility to allow our students and families to continue to plan their summer experiences.
Possible Changes we are looking at making this year:
1) smaller group sizes at camp to enhance Social Distancing
2) Overnight campers will have their own tent
3) Enhanced hand sanitizing stations
4) Campers required to bring their own reusable drinking bottle

What happens if Endless Summer cancels a program due to coronavirus (COVID-19)?

In the event Surf Camp needs to cancel a program and you are currently enrolled at the time of the cancellation of the program, you will receive a full refund, less a processing fee 5%. You may also choose to roll over your enrollment to summer 2021.

What if a government bans travel due to coronavirus (COVID-19)?

If a student cannot secure a visa to travel, the CDC issues a Travel Advisory Level 4 to the program’s location, or there is a government travel ban in place that prevents your student from attending their program, you will receive a full tuition refund less processing fees. You may also roll over your enrollment to 2021.

Should I book my airfare?

This is a personal decision that each student and family should consider. We recommend reviewing and thoroughly understanding airline cancellation policies prior to booking your flights. Many airlines are being flexible with their policies amid the COVID-19 situation. We also recommend looking into travel insurance. As soon as we have an official start date we will let you know. We are not responsible for any airline refunds. Please check with us to confirm before booking flights

What is surf camp doing to reduce the likelihood of someone bringing COVID-19 to camp?

We are asking that all participants and parents of participants complete a Surf Camp Affidavit of Health form prior to coming to surf camp. To state that they are in good health, have not displayed any symptoms of illness nor have been exposed to anyone displaying symptoms of COVID – 19.
Upon arrival at surf camp
• Only one adult will be permitted to enter camp while dropping off a camper.
• Upon arrival each camper will complete a health intake questionnaire confirming that they have not been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 , are healthy, and that no symptoms are present.
• Each camper and adult will have their temperature taken upon arrival, any camper with a temperature of 100.4 degrees will not be allowed to attend camp.
• Any camper with any exposure to COVID-19 or symptoms will not be allowed to enter camp.

What is the plan at surf camp to keep the students safe?

• Limiting number of participants to enhance social distancing
• One person per tent for overnight campers to enhance social distancing
• Enhanced number of hand sanitizing stations
• Each camper required to have own re usable water bottle
• Daily deep cleaning of surf camp facilities and equipment
• Staff will be screened daily upon arrival at surf camp

What will you do if a student or instructor exhibits signs of COVID -19?

If a student exhibits any sign of Covid – 19 while with us they will be cared for, separated from the group immediately, and parents will be required to promptly come and pick them up from surf camp.

If an instructor or camp staff member exhibits any signs of COVID-19 they are ordered to not come to work, or to leave work right away if they are present. Endless Summer is working on a plan to test all employees prior to our surf camp season for Covid – 19 for every campers peace of mind.

Will Endless Summer require the testing of students prior to surf camp?

At this time we are not requiring testing of students prior to arriving at surf camp. If the testing system is expanded and test are widely available I know this would be of great importance and peace of mind for all of us at Surf Camp. However, at the moment it is not. What we are asking is for parents and participants to be honest and fill out an affidavit of health stating that they are in good health and have not been exposed to COVID – 19 nor do they have symptoms. If for any reason anyone needs to cancel a surf camp due to COVID-19 we are giving a full refund.

If you have to cancel any camps this summer due to COVID when will you know by?

We plan to have an answer from the State Parks of California by Mid May as to when our official start date of surf camp will be. If we need to cancel a surf camp session for any reason we will do some with a minimum of 14 days notice.