COVID 19 Surf Camp FAQ

Are you still running summer programs?

Our 2021 Surf Camp Season is a GO. We plan to run this summer however the number of campers we can take has been restricted so most weeks are already full. .

I am a currently enrolled or plan to enroll in a surf camp session. What is your current cancellation and refund policy?

We have altered our refund and cancellation policy in light of the current COVID-19 situation. No camper or family should feel pressured to come to camp if they have any sort of Covid Symptoms or are not feeling 100%. We want to provide our Surf Camp families additional financial peace of mind when it comes to our summer programs. In short, we are offering a few options regarding our current Cancellation Policy:
• Roll over registration to summer 2022
• Use your Credit for Surf Lessons or a later summer 2021 session.
• Full refund

How will surf camp run different this year from years past?

Endless Summer Surf Camp is committed to running a fun and safe camp this summer and has been using evolving guidelines established by the American Camp Association and the CDC in our development of our Covid-19 plan for the summer. Because guidance and protocols in the Covid-19 environment are fluid, we will be updating and evolving our Covid-19 plans leading up to the summer and possibly during the summer as conditions change.Many camps are looking at a layered approach that includes some or all of the following safety protocols often referred to as, Nonpharmaceutical Interventions (NPI’s): quarantining, screening, cohorting, hand hygiene, ventilation, sanitization, face coverings, physical distancing and testing. The ACA has compiled extensive research and data from camps across the country that opened last summer which is providing a framework to assist camps in preparing for this summer.
The safety and security of our students, staff, and crew is our number one priority. Every single decision we make is viewed through the lens of putting our Surf Camp family first.
We have created an internal task force to monitor the COVID-19 situation. Daily meetings are being held to assess the situation.
All Surf Camps this season will have:
1) smaller group sizes to enhance Social Distancing
2) Hand sanitizer/wash stations available
3) Staff and students will self quarantine 10 days prior to camp limiting movements, group interactions outside of family members, etc.
4) A negative Covid Test must be provided prior to arrival at surf camp. Test must be taken 72 hours prior to arrival.
5) Daily health screenings for Covid symptoms of students and staff will take place.
6) equipment will be sanitized daily, some hourly.

What do you anticipate the camp mask requirements to be this summer?

Current guidelines continue to stress that the need for facial coverings will continue even after a large segment of the population has been vaccinated, therefore at the current time we do anticipate mask rules will still be an element of Covid-19 safety at surf camp this summer. Campers would be required to wear masks at all times they are in enclosed areas and where physical distancing is not possible. We do not anticipate a mask requirement while the campers are outside at the beach and maintaining physical distancing, and we do not anticipate campers wearing masks when they are within their tents. What we plant do is have everyone come to camp with a negative test and form our own healthy Cohort. This would be considered their family cohort where protocols can be more relaxed. All surf camp activities take place in an outdoor environment as well.

What will testing and self-quarantine requirements be for the campers and staff?

Staff will be required to avoid gatherings and practice safe physically distancing for 10 days prior to arriving at camp, self-monitor for symptoms, and receive a negative test result within the last 72 hours prior to coming to camp. Staff will also be tested systematically throughout the summer.
Campers – We know that a full scale quarantine for 10 days leading up to camp may not be practical as summer approaches. However, we also know that would be the best way to properly protect against campers arriving in camp with the virus. Therefore, as a practical solution we are asking all parents to control the movement of your campers in the weeks prior to camp. We ask that campers and their families agree to avoid social gatherings and activities where exposure to others outside their household may pose an elevated risk of exposure to COVID-19. Campers will be required to monitor health status daily for the 14 days leading up to camp, observing for COVID-19 symptoms during this period.
All families will be required to do a covid test on your camper 72 hours prior to arrival. We will require proof of a negative test and a proper verification to our Covid questionnaire for campers to be admitted into camp.

What will the procedure be for a camper that exhibits symptoms and will camp perform Covid-19 tests?

If a camper shows symptoms of COVID-19 (e.g., fever, cough, shortness of breath) during camp, they will be quarantined until their parent/guardian arrives and removed from the camp, within 24 hours. All camper families will be notified the same day. The affected child will not be able to return to a ESSC program until a negative COVID-19 test result is confirmed and at least 24 hours have passed since their last fever or signs of respiratory symptoms. The child may be allowed back to the program as soon as the next day if a doctor’s note is provided that states the condition was not related to COVID-19. If a camper test positive for COVID-19 while at camp or after camp the entire cohort that week will be notified and tested as well.

How will campers that arrive by plane be accommodated and what other requirements will be in place for campers who live outside of California?

All Out of State campers must have a guardian or pre-determined adult contact within a 12 hour drive from Endless Summer Surf Camp available in the case that an immediate pick up from camp is required. If this is currently not part of your plan, please contact camp immediately to discuss and plan accordingly. We will need to be firm on this policy. If an out of state camper arrives by plane displaying any covid symptoms upon our initial health screening at camp. Parents will be required to make arrangements for immediate pick up.

How will you accommodate sleeping arrangements?

Each camper will have their own tent this summer. One person per tent unless they are family or have been in the same cohort or household group leading up to camp. If a non family member plans to share a tent with someone we need written permission from both parents or guardians. This decision will be based on availability and as per our operating restrictions that follow State Guidelines

How will meal service change this summer?

Lunches packed and served individually for overnight campers. Day Campers will beed to bring their own lunches. Dinners will no longer be self serve buffet style. Afternoon snacks will be altered as well. Every camper must bring their own water bottle with name on it. We will use disposable plates, bowls and utensils( sorry environment its Covids fault).