Fun Waves Lining Up for Southern California this Weekend

Waves Today

There are some fun medium size waves that are starting to fill in this Friday afternoon and should continue through the weekend.

The Forecast is calling for a new, long period SSW swell that should build throughout the day with a smaller NW windswell that will be mixed in giving some fun peaks and Southern California beaches.


On Saturday the long period SW-SSW swell from the southern hemisphere should continue while the smaller NW windswell begins to fade away.


Sunday the swell should continue although it may begin to fade out a bit throughout the day.

It looks like Southern California beaches could have some waist to head high waves at many of its beaches with some of the more exposed spots looking at some overhead sets.

The wind like normal should be pretty calm in the morning and then picking up to 5-9kts in the afternoon from a SW direction.

Tide Chart

The tides will be medium high all day with a 4.0 high at 8:45AM a 1.62 Low at 1:40 PM and then another 6.83 high at 7:56 PM for the Saturday evening sunset session.

I would wake up early and hit the beach with the morning medium high tide push, get some stuff done with the family or friends throughout the day while the wind picks up, then get back out there for an evening glass off session at sunset.

For more information about this weekends waves, tides and wind report check out SWELL WATCH