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We just finished our 10th session of surf camp this summer. We have got another great set of images from our Session #10 Camp at Endless Summer Surf Camp. Check them out.

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Endless Summer Surf Instructors, Jason and Manuel, along with 3 members of the USA Surf Team gave Jenna a surf lesson recently. Jenna who has been battling cancer since the age of 2 always dreamed of coming to California. With the help of the Marty Lyons Foundation, Surfing America, and Endless Summer…

Surf Camp Photos

We have got another great set of images from our Session #9 Camp at Endless Summer Surf Camp. Check them out. What another awesome set of campers, waves and a great time.

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Rest In Peace: Shaper Al Byrne

rest in peace

Master shaper critically injured in Bali motorbike accident

Surfing’s legendary 8 time national champion, surfboard shaper and inventor of the six-channel designs passed away yesterday after complications that arose from a motorcycle accident in Bali this week.

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 8 August, 2013 : – – Al Byrne, legendary surfer and shaper famous for his six-channel designs, died in a hospital in Bali after suffering a motorbike accident near Jimbaran last Friday night.

According to the Byrning Spears website Al was admitted with a broken arm, but then suffered other complications which led to him slipping into a coma. “He fought this for over five days,” according to the website. ” But tragically today he lost that fight and tragically and so sadly he passed away.”

His wife of 30 years Jayne, sons Michael, Jamie and Matt and youngest brother Ian were at his bedside.

The fit 62-year-old had survived horrorible wipe-outs, heart surgery and being accidentally run over by his wife in their driveway. Continue Reading

President Obama Cruises Over Surf Camp

President Surfs

Look who we captured flying overhead on photo day at surf camp! President Obama was visiting Camp Pendleton today and took a flight path right over surf camp so he could do a surf check. Next time he should stop for some surf lessons.

surf camp evenings

Songs Around the Campfire

Sometimes the power goes out for a reason at surf camp. Last night Surf camper R. Trey started entertaining us at the campfire with some good ol’ campfire songs.

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Western Surfing Association

Day at WSA , Trail 6 Surf Contest

Day at Western Surfing Association , Trail 6 surf contest. Luca Aza and Zack Kaplan represent. Zach got 6th place in open men’s final.

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SOURCE: Surfers Village New film stars a few Latina female surfers plus one Kiwi. SoCal-based Venezuelan filmmaker, Marina Zawisza, has spent over three years collecting footage of some of the most talented female surfers. The film, ‘3 Killas y Un Kiwi,’ will debut just in time for the Ford Supergirl Pro presented…

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End of Summer

We have got another set of great images from our biggest group at Endless Summer Surf Camp for the summer last week. Check them out. Good Waves & Good Times.
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